Metadata is a free text field that you can use to store state against certain entities.

Although it's free text, to be compatible with the beta functionality of Pinch, it must conform to the following structure:

An Json array of objects:

[{"data": "my free text goes here"}, {"other": "don't worry about me"}]

or a single json object:

{"data": "my free text and no other objects"}'

Pinch uses special json objects to perform some beta functionality on some entities. Below are some the beta functions you can use:

The structure of beta functionality objects are:

{"metatype": "AccountingV1", "otherProperties": {"label": "value"}}

MetaType is what Pinch uses to pull out the relevant data and perform any actions with it.

Be warned, we might update the metadata internally, so be prepared to receive a new object or array.



{"metatype": "AccountingV1", "MatchInvoice": {"InvoiceNumber": "INV-001"}}



{"metatype": "AccountingPayerV1", "MatchPayer": {"AccountingContactId": "[guid]"}, "AccountingContactId": "[guid]"}