Test and Live Mode

Get to know your environment

The Pinch platform offers an advanced testing platform, custom built into our production systems. As a developer, this means you get bespoke behaviour for the test environment, and no dodgy sandbox environment with separate logins.


Test Mode

Test Mode allows you to perform every single action that you can in production, without actually going to the bank. Better yet, we've implemented Time Travel to let you pretend it's whatever time/date you want. Very useful for instantly testing what would normally take a week in real-time.

The best way to try out Time Travel is to use the Dev Portal and take a peek at what it's sending back and forth. You'll see the following header:

Time-Travel: 2018-06-01T09:45:59Z

Which means treat this request as though it arrived at this time.

Valid Test Cards

Card NumberCard Type
4242424242424242 or 4012888888881881Visa (US)
4111111111111111Visa (AU)
378282246310005American Express

Live Mode

When you're ready to switch to production, just swap out your test keys for your live ones and be sure to start hitting /live.