API Version Headers

We version our API to ensure that we can improve the system with new breaking features, but ensure that our previous integrators will not be affected.


You should always include the pinch-version header when making requests to our API.

Though technically optional, without it you will always be routed the latest version which may introduce breaking changes.

pinch-version: 2020.1

Upcoming Version

2024.1 (vNext)

  • Tokenise endpoint IpAddress is a required property.
  • List Transfers endpoint to return a paged result.
  • CreditCardToken has been removed from Save Payment Source endpoint instead use Token

Current API Versions

2020.1 (Latest)

  • Implemented event filtering to a single event type.
  • Updates to Managed Merchants endpoints.


  • Updated the Merchant endpoints to add/retrieve more data especially contact information for both the company and the primary contact at that company.
  • Brought Merchants and Managed Merchants into line so they have the same properties.


  • Added credit card endpoints and the concept of payment sources.


  • The initial public release of the Pinch API.